Celebrating All Things Poetical!

Haikus are easy.
But sometimes they don’t make sense.

 Tomorrow is the first day of April and you know what that means? POETRY! April is National Poetry Month and we at SpringWorks are putting pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard) to take a closer look at all things poetic joining us this May 8-18, 2014!

A Different Drummer
Written & Performed by Dan Ebbs
Saturday May 10 – 3:30 pm @ Perth County Welcome Centre & Artisan Market
Saturday May 10 -12:00 pm & Saturday May 17 – 3:30 pm @ Gallery Stratford

A Different Drummer explores the life and works of Henry David Thoreau, writer of Walden and Civil Disobedience. In his third original one-man show, Dan Ebbs heads outdoors where Thoreau would have felt most at home and incorporates his own signature techniques to get the audience involved in the life of this influential American.

A Bit About Dan
Dan is a playwright/actor/teacher whose theatre credits cover Toronto, Halifax, Banff and London, Ontario. He has taught throughout South Western Ontario, as well as in South Korea and the Czech Republic. Two of his nearly 40 plays have been published: Home and Native Land and As Night to the Day.

SWF: What drew you to the poetry and writing of Thoreau?

DAN: His love of nature and his concern for more fairness in society have always drawn me to his writing.

SWF: Rumour has it A Different Drummer has audience participation. How do your audience get to be part of the story or is it a surprise?

DAN: The audience participates in many ways: helping him build his cabin, being a forest fire, being his family, eating (mime) watermelon, and more.

SWF: Your piece is site-specific, performed outside in one of Stratford’s stunning parks. What kind of impact does performing this play outside in Thoreau’s beloved nature have on your audience?

DAN: Thoreau speaks of the powerful spirit of nature. What better way to feel it than to be surrounded by it?

Get Tickets for A Different Drummer Here
Or by Telephone: 1-800-518-2819 ext. 3

Torngat Mountains National Park: On The Spine of the World
Friday May 9 – 10:00 am @ St. John’s United Church
Poetry By Wendy Morton
Saturday, May 10 – 2:00 pm @ Gallery Stratford (FREE reading)

On the Spine of the World: In August of 2013, Wendy Morton was invited by Shelagh Rogers and Parks Canada to spent a week in Torngat Mountains National Park, at the tip of Northern Labrador. She worked with Inuit youth and Elders. She wrote poems in this place of icebergs and tundra. She will read poems from On the Spine of the World, show you the photographs, and talk about her time there. From the vast spaces of remote mountains and their enfolded rivers to intimate closeups of two young women throat singing, the images draw the viewer into another world.Poetry By Wendy: Enjoy an hour long reading of the poetry of Wendy Morton as part of SpringWorks’ Poetry Series.

A Bit About Wendy
Wendy Morton has five books of poetry, and a memoir, Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast, in which her adventures as a corporate sponsored poet are revealed. She has been WestJet’s Poet of the Skies, Chrysler’s Poet of the Road and is the founder of Canada’s Random Acts of Poetry. For the past 3 years, Wendy has been working in British Columbia with First Nations students on The Elder Project. She believes that a poem is the shortest distance between two hearts. She lives west of Sooke, B.C. and is a raven watcher.SWF: What drew you to start writing poetry?

WENDY: I’ve always been someone who notices everything, and I think that’s why I began writing poetry: to keep a record of what I say, or what I thought. Now, I love to take a picture and write a poem. I call them “photo-poems”  and when I look at them and read them, I think, yes, that’s what I saw, that’s what I thought. You could say, I am always looking for a poem, and I usually find one. I’ll send you a couple samples.

SWF: Are you all about the pen and paper or more of computer type of writer?WENDY: I am a write a poem on the back of an envelope kind of writer. I can’t write on the computer. I like the feel of writing with a pen, and once the poem is done is does go into a file on the computer, but the original goes in a file called Draft poems, which will eventually end up in Special Collections at the University of Victoria, which collects my work.SWF: Is being a poet of the skies and the road a different experience from being a poet that stands still?WENDY: Yes. When I was sitting beside people on a WestJet flight, hearing their stories and writing a poem, the sense of connection was very strong. Or when I would jump out of my PT Cruiser and read a poem to strangers and give them a book, the sense of connection was very palpable. Of course, this lead to Random Acts of Poetry, a Canada wide event that lasted 7 years and involved hundreds of poets across Canada( one year it was in the UK). Now, I write poems for strangers in libraries during Poetry Month, and I love that. Anything that is one to one and involves connecting with people, I love that. In this era of the I-Pad, the Smart Phone, the lack of real connection is disheartening to me. I want to change that. I hope to be able to write poems for people during SpringWorks, because it is always a time of delight.

Get Tickets to On the Spine of the World Here
Book Your Seat to Poetry By Wendy Here
Or by Telephone 1-800-518-2819 ext. 3

Poetry By Gay Allison
Sunday, May 11 – 2:00 pm @ Gallery Stratford (FREE reading)

Enjoy an hour long reading of the poetry of Gay Allison as part of SpringWorks’ Poetry Series.A Bit About Gay
Gay Allison is a poet, editor & former English teacher who was born in Saskatchewan. She was Fiction Editor of the Canadian Forum & Poetry Editor of Waves, and one of the Founding Editors of Fireweed, a feminist literary journal. Her book, The Unravelling, was nominated for the Pat Lowther Award, and Life:Still won the Ontario Teachers Federation Award. She has received two Tyrone Guthrie Awards, the last was for a Poetry Project she is working on.

Book Your Seat to Poetry By Gay Allison Here
Or By Telephone: 1-800-518-2819 ext.3

Poetry By Charles Mountford
Saturday, May 17 – 2:00 pm @ Gallery Stratford (FREE reading)

Enjoy an hour long reading of the poetry of Charles Mountford as part of SpringWorks’ Poetry Series. Part memoir, part humour and part poetry. It has been said of Charles Mountford’s work that “You could make an afternoon program on the CBC out of these pieces.”A Bit About Charles
Charles has written three published books of short pieces that explore situations that are funny, touching and sad. Mountford has twice been shortlisted for the Bridport U.K. Prize, in 2008 and 2010 and has won First Prize in the Alberta Poetry Contest. His latest book, The Thing On The Comb, was developed with the assistance of a Writers’ Reserve Grant from the Ontario Arts Council. He has been presenting his work to audiences across Canada for the last ten years with the support of the League of Canadian Poets, The Writers’ Union of Canada and the Playwrights Guild of Canada.
Book Your Seat to Poetry By Charles Mountford Here
Or By Telephone: 1-800-518-2819 ext. 3

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