2014 Venues

SpringWorks 2014 is going to be our biggest year yet – with over 30 companies coming to Stratford and Perth County this May 8-18. With so many more talented performers and artists joining us this year, we had to get bigger pants, metaphorically speaking, and so we have moved further into the community to include SIX performance venues for 2014.

163 King Street
Stratford, Ontario
N5A 4S2

Home to SpringWorks since our beginnings in 2011, Factory163 is an exciting, flexible performance space in a converted factory.  This year, everything from puppets to dance to comedy will be held at Factory163, including our Closing Cabaret on May 18 at 8:00pm – a first for SpringWorks, featuring the talents of performers from various companies presenting their work this year.

Falstaff Family Centre
35 Waterloo Street N
Stratford, Ontario
N5A 5H6

The Falstaff Family Centre is a registered charitable organization focussing on the needs of families and children in Stratford and Perth County and devoted to the principles of inclusiveness, diversity, and the realization of human potential. For SpringWorks 2014, Falstaff Family Centre will be hosting cabarets, staged readings, and puppetry.

Gallery Stratford
54 Romeo Street South
Stratford, Ontario
N5A 4S9

Gallery Stratford is one of Ontario’s longest operating public art galleries and has been a significant contributor to the cultural heart of South-western Ontario since 1967. For SpringWorks 2014, Gallery Stratford will be hosting our Poetry series, as well as our first ever site-specific piece “A Different Drummer,” on the grounds outside. While you are there, be sure to check out their permanent collection, as well as their upcoming exhibitions.

Perth County Welcome Centre
2146 Line 34
Shakespeare, Ontario
N0B 2P0

Stop in and discover the many unique treasures for sale in the Perth Country Welcome Centre’s Artisan Marketplace. All of the talented artisans featured in the Marketplace are from Perth County and most of the productions sold in their booths are made in Perth County.  SpringWorks will be taking the stage in Shakespeare this May with three plays celebrating rural life. After seeing what we have on offer, take a stroll through the Artisan Market. From toys to ice cream, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes!
Revel Caffè
37 Market Place
Stratford, Ontario
N5A 1A4

One of Stratford’s premier coffee houses, Revel Caffè is all about independent coffee for a revolution. Last year, Revel Caffe joined us as host to our Poetry series. For SpringWorks 2014, they will be branching out – putting on music and comedy.

St. John’s United Church
175 Waterloo Street South
Stratford, Ontario
N5A 4B5

St. John’s strives to be Radically Welcoming. They long to welcome the voice, presence, and power of everyone who worships here or participates in some aspect of our community life. They are challenging themselves to be especially aware of those who have been pushed to the margin, cast out, silence, and closeted. They are challenging themselves to move out of old habits and build a connection with the community. SpringWorks 2014 is delighted to be bringing all sorts of theatre to St. John’s – hilarious one person shows, artful and entertaining puppetry, and moving dramas.

SpringWorks now has charitable status and can issue tax receipts! All levels of sponsorship are appreciated. Check out our website for how you can donate today!

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From technicians to Front of House, SpringWorks can always handle more Volunteers! For more information or to volunteer, check out our website.

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