2013 Newsletters

Happy April Fools’ Day from SpringWorks
Features Christel Bartelse (ONEymoon & Significant Me), Ari Weinberg (One Man Rodeo), Chilina Kennedy (What You Find in a Bottle), Mary Pitt (Eins, Zwei, Drei, Boum!), Gabi Epstein (Gabaret), Anna Atkinson (Anna Atkinson Cabaret), and Pam Gerrand (Songs I Sang at Seventeen).

Happy Earth Day from SpringWorks
Features Keith Barker (This is How We Got to Here), Heather Davies (Judith), Jamie Robinson & Roger Shank (The Tank Range Project), and Heather Debling (The Maple Leaves).

Mother’s Day is Just Around the Corner
Features Marion Day, Christina Gordon, Brad Rudy, Eileen Smith & Alan Laing (Festival Gems II), Dawna Joy Wightman & Winnie Wong (The Hush Baby), Marion Adler (Forgiving Peter Pan), R.J. Downes (Without Whom),  and Peggy Coffey (I Was Born).

SpringWorks Celebrates International Dance Day
Features Lucy Rupert (The Animals and Other Stories About Fate), Nicola Pantin, Adam Nashman & 3degrees Dance (Waves & The Pixie Project), Jeremy Hutton & Kieran MacMillan (Fairy Tale Ending) and Sandy Greenberg & Thomas Cormier (Razzmatazz for Kids).

Stratford’s Own Take the Stage at SpringWorks
Features Donna-Michelle St. Bernard & Clare Preuss (Salome’s Clothes), Brenley Charkow (On The Other Side of the World), Barbara Dunn-Prosser, Janet Martin & Debora Joy (Three Little Maids), Kate Ashby-Craft & Gail Selkirk (Retrospective) and Brandon Wicke (Third Person)


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