2013 Contests

Prize: 2 tickets to The Maple Leaves – An untold WWI story of new recruit Billy Haven, who arrives at the Western Front in 1917 eager to charge into battle. Instead, he’s ordered into The Maple Leaves, a group of men who perform for the fighting troops to boost morale.

During both World Wars, propaganda for war support flooded the consciousness of both sides – everything from ‘Fight for your Home’ to ‘Save Resources for the Troops’ and the ever-popular ‘Buy War Bonds.’ One of my favourites is “Eat More Cottage Cheese-You’ll Need Less Meat.”


To win these tickets to The Maple Leaves, share your favourite World War Propaganda Slogan on SpringWorks’ Facebook page Here at SpringWorks’ it’s a popularity contest. The entry that gets the most likes is the winner!

Contest closes May 25 at noon.

Prize: 2 tickets to Fairy Tale Ending: The Big Bad Family Musical – a topsy-turvy yet touching tale of a young girl coming to grips with loss and the reality of growing up. One of the Top Ten Picks of The Toronto Fringe!

I was a huge fan of fairy tales when I was a kid – did you know that every culture has a version of the Cinderella story?

To win these tickets to Fairy Tale Ending, in the comment box on this post, let us know YOUR ALL TIME FAVOURITE FAIRY TALE! Here at SpringWorks it’s a popularity contest. The entry that gets the most likes is the winner!

Contest closes April 30 at 4:00 pm.


Prize: 2 tickets to Significant Me – Creator of ONEymoon & award winning performer returns with the continuation of her unique premise. Meet or (rejoin) Caroline Bierman, three years later after her marriage- to herself. A comedy about the pursuit of the “perfect” relationship. “Wildly funny, ultimately touching journey toward self-discovery” ***** Hamilton Spectator

HOW TO ENTER: When I was working in a banquet hall that was a popular spot for weddings, from April until November we did two, sometimes three weddings a weekend. I’ve got lots of stories about themes and centre pieces, good and bad. My favourites are tied: either the goldfish swimming above a mirror and surrounded by candles or the jars of ‘fireflies’ that glowed through the evening.

What is the best (or hilariously worst) decoration choice you’ve seen at a wedding?

Remember: it’s a popularity contest here at SpringWorks, so the most Liked entry on Facebook wins the tickets!

Contest closes May 2 at 4:00 pm.


THE PRIZE: Two tickets to Confessions of a Fairy’s Daughter – Alison Wearing’s true story of growing up with a gay father. Balancing intimacy, history and downright hilarity, this fascinating story is a celebration of love. One of SpringWorks hottest tickets, this is definitely a bandwagon to jump on!

HOW TO ENTER: This one is a little different! In a recent article in the Beacon Herald, Alison Wearing tells us her father’s profession. In a private message on Facebook or as a comment on our Blog, tell us what that job was. All correct answers will go into a draw and the winner will be announced tomorrow, just after the contest closes.

The Article can be read here: http://bit.ly/12nOwEy or on the SpringWorks Blog:www.SpringWorksFestival.wordpress.com


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